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How ‘COVID-19’ changes the balance of power: Winners and losers of emergency politics

This report looks at the political impact of the current emergency situation, as the shifting priorities of EU institutions are set to affect the balance of power among political and national groups.

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Top analyses by VoteWatch – deep insights into the EU machinery

While the current emergency is forcing you to spend more time at home, why not trying to turn this situation around to your advantage? Use this break to take a look at our top political analyses from the last few months.

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EU Climate agenda: key MEP to watch

How does the chair of ENVI, Pascal Canfin – member of Macron’s party, try to influence the positions of the EP? This research focuses on his emerging role as one of the drivers of Renew Europe’s shift to the left. 

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Just Transition Fund: key MEP to watch

The EPP managed to get one of its MEPs, Greek Manolis Kefalogiannis, to be the rapporteur on the establishment of the Just Transition Fund. It will not be an easy task to steer such a report through the agitated waters of a more fragmented EP.

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Brexit: what consequences for the EU policies after the referendum’s shocking results?

A massive political earthquake shook the world this morning, as the majority of UK’s citizens
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VoteWatch Europe’s Director, Doru Frantescu, interviewed by CNN on Brexit’s implications for the EU

The global broadcasting company CNN recently listed 5 reasons the EU would miss the UK. Continue
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