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If you are looking to support an NGO who delivers great value for the European society and is rigorous about its work and finances, then you’re in the right place! An independent evaluation of VoteWatch has concluded that our work is highly relevant for the current European climate and that we are highly efficient and effective in the way we operate (we have a small team, but we achieve tremendous results in terms of outreach and legitimacy). However, our results also depend on the financial resources which are made available to us, a big share of which come from foundations that support democracy in the form of core or project grants.

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If you place your funding resources with us, we make sure that we make the most of these, delivering for the European society the greatest possible value for the money. To find out more about our current sponsors, click here.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Doru Peter Frantescu, co-founder and director, at


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