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If you are an MEP, a national politician, or you work for one, grasp one or more of these opportunities especially designed for you! If you are interested in any of them, contact us at

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  • Find out your true (or hidden) allies

Do you want to know which Members of the European Parliament match your points of view best so that you can rally them in your camp when you need allies for your projects/ideas? We can provide you with a genuinely objective, scientific mapping, based not on statements, but on the analysis of millions of actual voting data records that have shaped decisions.

  • Improve your communication by integrating our e-tools on your own website

Do you want to easily promote your parliamentary work on your own website, by using an independent source to back you up and thus increase your profile? Our “MEP widget” is an ideally designed tool that will help you highlight the plenary activities of your choice. Embed it on your website and it will automatically update information about your plenary votes and parliamentary activities. It helps you save time and resources while keeping your audience up to date on your activities in real time. Click here for more information.

  • Promote your views among an EU affairs savvy public

Do you want to increase your profile and make your voice heard among citizens interested and actively following EU affairs and MEPs’ activities? Now you can use our website to better target your message and expand your visibility and public’s understanding of your work.

Our audience, which we have built over the past 7 years, is just the right public for you, as it is genuinely interested in EU affairs and uses our data to get informed about the activities of the European Parliament and individual MEPs and hold them accountable for their activity.

We already show millions of statistical information about the work of all MEPs, which the citizens and multipliers use daily to understand what you stand for. However, we acknowledge that the activity of an MEP is much more than that. This is why we offer now the opportunity to better explain your stances/voting record to a relevant and engaged audience that follows your activities and those of other MEPs on our website.

Send us your views in the form of opinion articles or videos and these can be published on our website. Please be advised that we reserve the right to select the articles for publication.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, get in touch with us at

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