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VoteWatch special training: how will the EU elections and Brexit impact your sector?

-> Watch how MEPs debated and voted on how to regulate your sector!

-> Cast your vote on amendments as if you were a Member of the European Parliament yourself!

-> Find out which politicians and parties voted like you!

-> Find out who is likely to steer EU institutions and which key MEPs and Commissioners may stay on post 2019!

-> Find the best and worst scenarios of how the next EP elections will lead to policy changes in your sector!

This is how this training service by VoteWatch Europe looks like for you and your members or clients!

VoteWatch Europe is the independent platform most followed by the Members of the European Parliament. We hold extensive datasets and expertise on the positions of MEPs and Governments when making EU decisions in all sectors. We make the most accurate projections on how the EU will regulate in each sector based on the expected composition of the Parliament and the Council since 2019. Our work is being used by reputed institutions, stakeholders and the media around the world.

If you are potentially interested in a private training for your members or clients, or a piece of highly substantiated research, please contact us at and we can explore together the possibilities.

Training fees vary depending on number of participants, location and content. For more information, contact us at or +32 2 318 11 91.

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